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  This month, RSYC brings lots more to bask in. Here’s what we've got for you:
• Food & Beverage Levy

The Club Committee has suspended the levy with effect from 1st January 2010.

• Revides Credit Terms for Club Members

The Club Committee has noted with concern that some Members are running up excessive credit accounts at the Club, and some are not settling their monthly accounts promptly. This is seriously detrimental to cash flow. Club Rule 30 authorises the Committee to make any special provisions to the conduct of Members accounts.

The following measures are proposed to alleviate this problem, and will come into effect on 1st June 2007.

Credit Limit
A credit limit of RM1,500 is imposed on all Members’ accounts. Credit facilities will be withdrawn from a Member when this limit is reached. Credit may be restored by the Member depositing sufficient funds with the Club to bring his account back within this limit. A Member may apply to the Committee for a higher credit limit if the nature of his transactions makes the RM1,500 limit impractical.

Deposits and Pre-Payments
A Member who anticipates incurring an expense at the Club in excess of the credit limit – say for slipway charges and functions - will be required to deposit funds to cover such expense at the Club prior to the event. Members booking functions are required to deposit 50% of the value of the function with the Club upon confirmation of booking, and the balance on the day of the event.

Members entering boats and crews for major Club events such as the Raja Muda Regatta are to pay all entry fees prior to the event. Club credit terms are not extended to such events, and this provision shall be clearly stated in the relevant Notice of Event.

Statement of Account
A monthly statement of account is issued to each resident Club Member, and is “due and payable when rendered” (Club Rule 30(a)). Members may also check the status of their accounts by calling the Admin Office during working hours. Payment of accounts may be made to the Admin Office during working hours and at the main bar during restaurant operating hours. Payment may also be made directly into the Club bank account.

By order of the Committee
15th April 2007

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