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Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta

RSYC is the home of the, now 25 years old, Raja Muda Selangor Inernational regatta, which is one of the biggest and most popular sailing events in the Asian Racing calendar, attracting over 50 boats every year. Many of the club members race their boats every November from Port Klang up to Langkawi. find our more at the regatta website.


Sailing history at RSYC


People have been sailing and racing at Port Klang since the early 1960's , when a group of enthusiastic dinghy sailors formed the Port Swettenham Yacht Club. The club’s growth over the next two decades was fueled by increased prosperity and an interest in boating from both the expat and local communities in the Port Klang Valley. This lead to an expansion of the club grounds to include a swimming pool and functional Colonial-style clubhouse.

In 1994, the clubhouse was burnt to the ground due to a fire that started upriver in a chemical plant and spread to the clubhouse destroying it and most of its records. The new club was designed by a past Commodore of the Club, renamed the Royal Selangor Yacht Club, and was granted a royal charter by the Sultan of Selangor. Today, it is largest member yacht club in Malaysia. Recently, the RSYC was granted Royal Yachting Accreditation as a Training Centre for sail and power boat courses for adults and children (one of only two in Southeast Asia), and is also designated as a national training centre for the Malaysian Keelboat squad, and it hosts youth fleet and match sailing races.

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